Efforts and Results

On May 16, 2010, a Habitual Traffic Offender ran a red light at high speed in Charlestown, RI. She slammed into Colin Foote as he crossed the intersection on his motorcycle. Colin died within 30 minutes. This particular repeat offender had 19 prior traffic citations and several other traffic stops, yet tragically, she was allowed to continue to drive on our roads.

As a result of this tragedy, new traffic safety legislation sponsored by current Attorney General, Peter Kilmartin and Rep. Donna Walsh was passed in record time known as the Colin B. Foote Act or “Colin's Law”.  Colin's Law enables judges to adjudicate repeat offenders and order them to:
  • Pay a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000)
  • Attend sixty (60) hours of driver retraining
  • Perform up to sixty (60) hours of public community service
  • Suspend the person's operator license for up to one year
  • Or revoke their license for a period of up to two (2) years
The objective of this legislation has been an effort to change the driving behavior of egregious repeat offenders. These individuals have demonstrated a careless and dangerous disregard for motor vehicle laws and they threaten the lives of everyone's loved ones, friends and fellow citizens. It is shocking to know that nearly 300 repeat offenders have been ordered to take the 60 hour driver retraining course as mandated by the Colin B. Foote Act. Countless other repeat offenders have been sanctioned otherwise under the Act.

Prior to ColinsLaw, repeat traffic offenders were able to “slip under the radar” undetected by paying traffic citations by mail. This has been corrected with the passage of legislation sponsored by Rep. Donna Walsh in 2011. This law now requires that:

Any person who receives a third (3rd) summons within a twelve (12) month period of time, cannot plea or dispose of the charge by mail, but must appear in person before a judge at the traffic tribunal or municipal court.

Annual Statistics on Violators of the Colin Foote Act
        (The first class group commenced on October, 20, 2012)

  • 113 violators paid in 2012
  • 149 violators paid in 2013
  • 72 volators so far paid 2014
  • Of the above 334 paid violators, - 198 have completed the course
  • Of the 136 still in process with the course, 55 have been non-compliant (not attending the course)
  • 26 violators have been referred to Advanced Driving Security Inc. But haven't completed the "Behind the Wheel" portion due to suspension or revocation of their license.
  • The balance of 110 violators are either attending class, scheduled for a class, in process of paying a rescheduling fee or will be on this month's list  for non-compliance with the DMV.


1. Prior to 1st class offered, approximately 20 had been sentenced to the Colin Foote Act more than once and had their license revoked for 2 years. These 20 are among those yet to complete the "Behind the Wheel" program.

2. Of the 198 violators that have completed the course since the program was started, only 2 have been charged again with the Colin Foote Act.

In our opinion, these results demonstrate not only that the program is very effective in modifying dangerous driving behavior but it is likely to have saved lives and prevented serious injury.